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-{{ :​box_software.png | Software}} 
-====== Protocol Analyzer Download Page ====== 
-Since this software has not been formally tested or alpha-tested by many other users yet, there may still be some dark corners which does not work to 100% yet, but you are free to download it and try it out. 
-===== Licence ===== 
-This program is since version 2.0 open source and released under Gnu Public License 3.0 
-===== Installation Instructions ===== 
-  - Make sure you have Java Runtime installed. You probably have it, otherwise you can download it from [[http://​java.com]]. 
-  - Just run the installer! :-) 
-For the bundle without installer: 
-  - Unpack the zip 
-  - For Linux and OSX, make the start script runable by typing: chmod +x analyzer.sh 
-Installation is done! 
-===== Run instructions ===== 
-  - Run the start script (analyzer.bat for windows, analyzer.sh for Linux) 
-===== Releases ===== 
-^Name^Bundle^Generic Installer^Windows Installer^Size^Release Notes^ 
-|ProtocolAnalyzer 2.0 |{{:​analyzer:​analyzer-distribution20.zip|analyzer-distribution20.zip}}|{{:​analyzer:​setupanalyzer20.zip|jar installer}}|{{:​analyzer:​protocolanalyzerin20.zip|exe installer}}|14MB| [[analyzer:​release20|Release Notes]]| 
-|ProtocolAnalyzer 1.1 Build 1075| {{:​protocolanalyzer1.1_1075.zip|protocolanalyzer1.1_1075.zip}}|.|.|6,​2MB| [[analyzer:​release11|Release Notes]]| 
-|ProtocolAnalyzer 1.0 Build 841| {{:​analyzer:​protocolanalyzer_841.zip|protocolanalyzer_841.zip}}|.|.|4,​2MB| [[analyzer:​release841|Release Notes]]| 
-|ProtocolAnalyzer Build 828| {{:​analyzer:​protocolanalyzer_828.zip|protocolanalyzer_828.zip}}|.|.|4,​2MB| | 
-===== CUL Firmware ===== 
-^Name^File^Size^Release Notes^ 
-|NetHome CUL Firmware 0.1 Build 1028| {{:​nethomecul_0.1_1028.zip|nethomecul_0.1_1028.zip}}|230KB| [[analyzer:​release11|Release Notes]]| 
-===== CUL V3 Firmware ===== 
-A new release of the CUL hardware (V3) has been released, where the current firmware does not work. I have not yet got a new version and cannot build and test for V3 yet. Fortunately Christian Aune Thomassen has built a V3 compatible version which is presented here: 
-^Name^File^Size^Release Notes^ 
-|NetHome CUL V3 Firmware 0.1 Build 1130| {{:​analyzer:​nethomecul_1130_v3.zip|analyzer:​nethomecul_1130_v3.zip}} |230KB| | 

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