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Protocol Analyzer

The Protocol Analyzer is a small tool that can catch, analyze and decode “slow” pulse based protocols. Typical examples are IR-Remotes or RF-Remotes. It uses the microphone input to read the signals. Since this is almost always available with drivers across operating systems, this tool works without any specific drivers on Windows, Linux and OSX.

Protocol Analyzer can decode a number of standard protocols such as the infrared protocols: RC5, RC6, Pioneer, JVC, Nexa,X10, Pronto (See here for details of which) but the primary task of Protocol Analyzer is to aid in decoding new protocols. It behaves like a combination of an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer specifically aimed at analyzing digital protocols via the microphone input.

You can add your own protocol decoder plugins for new protocols. The release includes code examples and instruction on how to build and use plugins. The same plugins are also compatible with OpenNetHomeServer for home automation.

Since version 2.0 ProtocolAnalyzer is released as open source and can be seen as

With the described simple hardware this program works as a generic digital 433MHz scanner or IR-Scanner.

Current Activities

Release 2.0 of OpenNetHomeServer is released. See Release Notes or visit for more information

Release 2.0 of Protocol Analyzer is released. See Relese Notes for all the great new features.

Release 1.1 is finally released!!! See Relese Notes for all the great new features.

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