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-====== AudioProtocolParser ====== 
-This module is a part of the [[:​start|NetHomeServer]]. The AudioProtocolParser is one of the core Items in NetHomeServer. It allows you to connect an IR-receiver or a digital radio receiver to the microphone input and decode the signals. Examples of how to build such receivers can be found [[homehwrec|here]]. 
-This Item receives the data from the audio input, and recreates a digital signal. This digital signal is then passed on to a list of protocol decoders which can decode the digital signal. 
-The recreation of the digital signal may require some calibration of the settings to match the input signal. The principles for this is described [[analyzer:​theory|here]]. Normally you would use the [[analyzer:​start|ProtocolAnalyzer]]-tool to find the correct settings for these parameters 
-===== Attributes ===== 
-  * **Decoders** //[get] [set]// List of protocol decoders to activate. Currently the following are avaliable: //​RC6,​RC5,​JVC,​Pioneer,​UPM,​Nexa,​NexaL,​Deltronic,​X10,​Pronto,​Waveman,​RisingSun,​NexaFire//​ 
-  * **SourceName** //[get] [set]// The name of the audio input channel 
-  * **Channel** //[get] [set]// Which channel of the audio input to use: Left, Right or Mono. Normally Mono for a microphone input. 
-  * **FlankSwing** //[get] [set]// The size of the input signal, see [[analyzer:​theory|description]] 
-  * **FlankLength** //[get] [set]// The length if the flanks, see [[analyzer:​theory|description]] 
-  * **FlankHoldoff** //[get] [set]// Can be left at 1 
-  * **UseFilter** //[get] [set]// true or false. Set to true if the input signal is noisy. 
-  * **Received** //[get]// Counts how many messages has been received and decoded 
-===== Actions ===== 
-==== See also ==== 

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