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 CUL Radio Transceiver

NetHomeServer CUL Connection

CUL 433 is a generic radio transceiver with a CPU and a radio transceiver circuit, which is manufactured and sold by The CUL device connects to a PC with an USB-connection. The 433MHz band is used by a lot of remote switches and wireless thermometer, so with a radio transmitter on this band a lot of devices can be controlled.

The CUL hardware supports both reception and transmission, but currently only transmission is fully supported. I have not been able to get good enough quality on the reception yet.


The CUL 433 device requires firmware (for the on board ATMega32U4 processor). There is a separate NetHome project for firmware for this device and this is available as open source (GPL2). The firmware is a generic puls sender/pulse receiver without any internal decoders. The decoders/encoders are in the NetHomeServer, and the CUL-device is used to send the encoded messages and to receive the raw pulse trains to be decoded in the NetHomeServer.

Instructions on how to install the firmware can be found here.

NetHomeServer interfaces with the CUL transceiver via the CULTransceiver-Item and via the CUL device the Nexa and X10-devices can be controlled.

NetHomeServer Modules

The CUL-Related objects in the NetHomeServer are:


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