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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The CULTransceiver is an interface module for the CUL USB radio transceiver. The CUL transceiver is sold by BusWare. The NetHomeServer project has custom firmware designed for CUL which works with the CULTransceiver.


  • SerialPort [get] [set] The hardware presents itself to the OS as a serial port, the name of the serial port is configured here.
  • ModulationFrequency [get] [set] The NetHome CUL firmware can modulate the radio signal with a frquency. This is primarally used when communicating with devices which sends the signal as IR. If set to 0, the modulation is disabled by default and only enabled by any underlying protocol which can specify modulation (like the Pronto protocol)
  • TransmissionPower [get] [set] The output power level. There are five power levels

available: 0 = -30 dBm, 1 = -20 dBm, 2 = -15 dBm, 3 = -10 dBm, 4 = 0 dBm, 5 = 5 dBm, 6 = 7 dBm, 7 = 10 dBm

  • SendCount [get] Number of messages sent
  • Connected [get] Connection state (“Connected” or “Not Connected”)
  • TestBeepFrequency [get] [set] Frequency of short test beep


  • Reconnect Attempt to reconnect with the hardware
  • PlayTestBeep

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