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-{{time.png| An Item in the Timers Category}} 
-====== DayLiteTimer ====== 
-This module is a part of the [[start | NetHomeServer]]. The DayLiteTimer is a week timer where you can configure multiple periods for each day of the week. 
-For each day of the week, you can specify multiple times when the connected lamp shall be activated like: 
-   08:00-10:00,17:00-21:00 
-You can also refer to sunrise [R] or sunset [S] like:  
-   08:00-[R],[S-00:30]-21:00  
-where [S-00:30] means 30 minutes before sunset. 
-It is also possible to specify a time interval, where the timer will take a random time within the interval: 
-   <15:00-17:00>-<22:00-23:20>  
-meaning the lamp will turn on sometime between 15:00 and 17:00 and turn off sometime between 22:00 and 23:20. 
-It is also possible to combine all:  
-   <06:30-07:00>-<08:00-09:00>/[R+01:00]  
-meaning that the lamp will turn on sometimes between 06:30 and 07:00 and turn off between 08:00 and 09:00 or at one hour after sunrise, whichever comes first. If one hour after sunrise occurs before the start time, the lamp will not turn on at all. 
-===== Attributes ===== 
-  * **State** //[get] [init]// Current state of the timer: Disabled, Enabled, On 
-  * **Timezone identifier** //[get] [set]// Current timezone string 
-  * **Location: Lat,Long** //[get] [set]// Location of the timer in the form: //59.225527,18.000718// 
-  * **Timer Today** //[get]// The calculated time periods for today 
-  * **Sunrise Today** //[get]// Time the sun rises today in the specified location 
-  * **Sunset Today** //[get]// Time the sun sets today in the specified location 
-  * **Mondays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Mondays, in the format specified above 
-  * **Tuesdays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Tuesdays 
-  * **Wednesdays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Wednesdays 
-  * **Thursdays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Thursdays 
-  * **Fridays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Fridays 
-  * **Saturdays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Saturdays 
-  * **Sundays** //[get] [set]// On periods for Sundays 
-  * **OnCommand** //[get] [set]// Command to be executed at the start of a period, typically the on command in a lamp Item 
-  * **OffCommand** //[get] [set]// Command to be executed at the end of a period, typically the off command in a lamp Item  
-===== Actions ===== 
-  * **Enable timer**  Enables the timer and re-calulates time periods for today 
-  * **Disable timer**  Disables the timer 
-==== See also ==== 
-[[start | NetHomeServer]] 

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