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-{{port64.png|Interface Module}} 
-====== FHZ1000PcPort ====== 
-This module is a part of the [[:​start|NetHomeServer]]. The FHZ1000PcPort is used to communicate with a hardware device called [[FHZ1000Pc]]. The [[FHZ1000Pc]] gives access to the FS20 radio protocol which is used to control and monitor devices like dimmers, lamps, heating and switches. 
-[[FHZ1000Pc |{{fhz1000pc.png|fhz1000pc}}]] 
-The [[FHZ1000Pc]] is connected to the server via USB. The FHZ1000PcPort will send any received FS20 radio messages as //​FS20Event//​-events on the [[NetHomeServer]] event bus. Received //​FS20Command//​-events will be sent as FS20 radio messages. This module is build using the [[FHZ1000PC]]-class. 
-===== Attributes ===== 
-  * **State** //[get]// Connected or Disconnected,​ indicates if the port has found the hardware device. 
-  * **ReceivedMessages** //[get]// Number of FS20-messages that has been received. 
-  * **SentMessages** //[get]// Number of FS20-messages that has been received. 
-===== Actions ===== 
-  * **Reconnect** ​ If the port did not connect to the device at startup, it is possible to initiate a new attempt via this action. 
-===== Events ===== 
-  * Receives **FS20Command(HouseCode,​ DeviceCode, Value)** Will send the received command to the specified address. All parameters are in integer format, not the FS20 1-4-Format. 
-  * Emits **FS20Event(HouseCode,​ DeviceCode, Value)** This event is emitted when an FS20 command is received from the [[FHZ1000Pc]]. 
-The values in the events are FS20-commands which are the following: 
-^Value ​  ^ Command ​        ^ 
-|0       ​|Off ​                 | 
-|1-16    |Dim to abs. position | 
-|17      |On               | 
-|18      |Dim Loop         | 
-|19      |Dim down         | 
-|20      |Dim up           | 
-|21      |Flip On/​Off ​     | 
-==== See also ==== 
-[[FHZ1000PC]],​ [[:​start|NetHomeServer]],​ [[FS20Lamp]],​ [[FS20RemapButton]],​ [[fs20]] 

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