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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The FS20RemapButton is used to let FS20 buttons control events in the NetHomeServer. You may for example let an FS20 wall switch start your WEB-radio player program. The FS20RemapButton allows you to map all messages that can be sent from a button to specific commands.


  • HouseCode [get] [set]
  • DeviceCode [get] [set]
  • FHZ1000PcPort [get] [set]
  • OnCommand [get] [set]
  • OffCommand [get] [set]
  • BrightCommand [get] [set]
  • DimCommand [get] [set]
  • ToggleCommand [get] [set]
  • DimLoopCommand [get] [set]


  • on
  • off
  • bright
  • dim
  • toggle
  • dimLoop

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