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-====== Receiver Circuits ====== 
-To use the microphone as an input, you need to adjust the incoming signal level to the sensitivity of the microphone and put a capacitor in series to block the DC component introduced by most microphone inputs. The capacitor C2 is usually not needed, it is intended to remove noice. 
-{{:​upm_scheme.png| Reception Circuit}} 
-Here are some examples of receiver circuits: 
-[[modupm|{{:​pci_card.png|}}]][[modupm|Using the UPM thermometer as RF receiver for the 433.92MHz band]] 
-[[walterreceiver|{{:​pci_card.png|}}]][[walterreceiver|An RF receiver for the 433.92MHz band by Walter Krämbring]] 
-[[walterduo|{{:​pci_card.png|}}]][[walterduo|A generic high power 433.92MHz transceiver using an Auriel devices by Walter Krämbring]] 

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