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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The IkeaColorTemperatureLamp controls an IKEA Trådfri LED-lamp with variable colour temperature. An IkeaGateway is required to connect to the lamp.


  • State [get]
  • Identity [get] [set]
  • LampModel [get] [init]
  • Version [get] [init]
  • Brightness [get]
  • OnBrightness [get] [set] Brightness from 0 to 100. If left empty, the lamps current brightness is not modified.
  • ColorTemperature [get] [set] Color temperature from 0 to 100, where 0 is coldest. If left empty, the lamps current color temperature is not modified.
  • DimLevel1 [get] [set] Preset dim level 1. Brightness from 0 to 100, optionally combined with color temperature separated by a colon. For example 50:10 meaning brighness 50% and color temperature 10%
  • DimLevel2 [get] [set] See above
  • DimLevel3 [get] [set] See above
  • DimLevel4 [get] [set] See above
  • DimStep [get] [set]


  • toggle
  • on
  • off
  • bright
  • dim
  • dim1
  • dim2
  • dim3
  • dim4

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