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Installing CUL Firmware

The CUL-stick has a ATMega32U4 processor on board and it has to be loaded with firmware in order to work. There is a special CUL-firmware developed for NetHomeServer, which works together with the encoders and decoders in NetHomeServer and ProtocolAnalyzer.

The firmware is in a file called NetHomeCUL.hex. In order to install this firmware on the CUL-stick you need the FLIP-tool from Atmel.

Here is a step by step instruction for how to install the firmware from a Windows PC:

1. Install Flip

Dowload Flip from the Flip download site and install it, but don't start it yet. Remember where you install Flip, you will need this location later.

2. Plug in CUL-stick in programming mode

This requires some dexterity… Unplug the CUL-Stick (if you have it plugged in). Locate the tiny button on the bottom just below the USB socket.

 CUL Switch

Now you have to press this button and keep it pressed WHILE you plug in the CUL-Stick. This is easier if you have the CUL-stick connected to an USB extension cable. Then you can first plug the stick to the cable, press the button with one hand and then plug the other end of the cable into the USB socket on your computer with the other hand. If you succeed windows will discover new hardware - then you can move to the next step.

Install USB-drivers

When windows asks for the new drivers, select to specify a location and browse to the location where you installed Flip, there you will find a folder called usb (for example: C:\Program Files\Atmel\Flip 3.3.4\usb). Select this folder and let Windows install the drivers.

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