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 +====== JeeLink ======
 +This module is a part of the [[NetHomeServer]]. JeeLink Classic is a Arduino compatible programmable ​
 +radio transmitter/​receiver sold by JeeLabs/​Digital Smarties.
 +OpenNetHome has a custom firmware that turns the JeeLink into a generic 433MHz remote control sender. ​
 +See details about installing JeeLink here: [[http://​opennethome.org/​hardware/​hardwareinstall-jeelink]]
 +This Item connects to a JeeLink transmitter and sends any 433MHz messages from other Items in the system.
 +===== Attributes =====
 +  * **State** //[get]// Connection state
 +  * **SerialPort** //[get] [set]// Which serial port is used to connect to the JeeLink
 +  * **FirmwareVersion** //[get]// Current Firmware version in the JeeLink
 +  * **SendCount** //[get]// Number of messages sent
 +  * **TestBeepFrequency** //[get] [set]// For testing purposes
 +===== Actions =====
 +  * **Reconnect** ​ Try to reconnect to the JeeLink
 +  * **PlayTestBeep** ​ For testing purposes
 +==== See also ====

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