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-====== MqttClient ====== 
-This module is a part of the [[NetHomeServer]]. The MqttClient subscribes on messages on a [[http://​mqtt.org/​|MQTT]]-topic. and can also send MQTT-messages to the server. You need at least one MqttClient-Item configured in order to be able to use any other MQTT-Items. 
-The MQTT broker can be either locally installed, for example [[https://​mosquitto.org/​|mosquitto]],​ or on a remote machine. For testing purposes, there are open brokers like [[http://​www.hivemq.com/​demos/​websocket-client/​|HiveMQ MQTT Dashboard]] 
-===== Attributes ===== 
-  * **State** //[get]// Current state of the client: "​Connected"​ or "​Disconnected"​ 
-  * **Port** //[get] [set]// port used on MQTT Server, default 1883 
-  * **Address** //[get] [set]// Address of the MQTT Server 
-  * **ClientName** //[get] [set]// MQTT Client name to connect as 
-  * **UserName** //[get] [set]// Username used to log in. If left blank the client will try to connect anonymously 
-  * **Password** //[get] [set]// Password if connecting with username 
-  * **BaseTopic** //[get] [set]// Base topic to subscribe to messages, wildcards allowed 
-===== Actions ===== 
-==== See also ==== 

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