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 +====== MqttCommander ====== 
 +This module is a part of the [[NetHomeServer]]. The MqttCommander performs commands by sending MQTT-messages to a specified topic. You need to have at least one [[mqttclient|MqttClient]] configured and connected to a MQTT-Server,​ in order to send the messages. 
 +===== Attributes ===== 
 +  * **Topic** //[get] [set]// The topic the messages are sent to 
 +  * **Command1** //[get] [set]// Message to sent to perform command1 
 +  * **Command2** //[get] [set]// Message to sent to perform command2 
 +  * **Command3** //[get] [set]// Message to sent to perform command3 
 +  * **Command4** //[get] [set]// Message to sent to perform command4 
 +  * **QOS** //[get] [set]// MQTT Quality of service level 
 +  * **Retain** //[get] [set]// MQTT Retain flag 
 +  * **MqttClient** //[get] [set]// Optional identity of [[mqttclient|MqttClient]] to use to send the messages. If this is left empty, the messages will be sent by all MqttClients in the OpenNetHome Server. 
 +===== Actions ===== 
 +  * **Command1** ​  
 +  * **Command2** ​  
 +  * **Command3** ​  
 +  * **Command4** ​  
 +==== See also ==== 

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