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 +{{control.png| An Item in the Controls Category}} 
 +====== NexaSmokeDetector ====== 
 +This module is a part of the [[start | NetHomeServer]]. The NexaSmokeDetector communicates with the Nexa wireless smoke detectors, and can trigger an action in NetHomeServer when the alarm is activated. The Item can also trigger the alarm to go off. Note: NetHome may never be used as part of a real fire alarm system, the reliability of the hardware and software is way to low for that kind of application. It may only be used to provide supplementary functions. 
 +===== Attributes ===== 
 +  * **State** //[get]// Current state of the Item - Idle, Alarm or Learning 
 +  * **Address** //[get] [set]// The unique address of the smoke detector. This address is unique for each detector and not documented on them. The easiest way to set this is to use the Learn function. 
 +  * **AlarmCommand** //[get] [set]// The action to be performed when the alarm goes off 
 +  * **AlarmTime** //[get] [set]// The interval with with the alarm action is triggered while the alarm is still active. Specified in seconds. 
 +===== Actions ===== 
 +  * **Alarm**  Trigger the alarm in the device 
 +  * **LearnAddress**  Start listening after alarms to get the address. The address of first alarm that is triggered will be used as address for this Item. 
 +==== See also ==== 
 +[[start | NetHomeServer]]

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