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-====== TempWEB ====== 
-This module is a part of the [[:​start|NetHomeServer]]. The TempWEB is a WEB-component that can present multiple thermometers in a WEB-page. It can also present history graphs for thermometers which support log files. The module requires a [[JettyWEB]]-module. The look of the WEB-GUI is presented on the [[tempwebsceenshots | screen shot page]] ​ 
-[[tempwebsceenshots|{{ :​tempweb.png?​50 |screen shot page}}]] 
-===== Attributes ===== 
-  * **WEBServer** //[get] [set]// Name of the WEB-Server module which presents the WEB-pages 
-  * **LocalURL** //[get] [set]// URL of the thermometer page. 
-  * **ThermometerList** //[get] [set]// Comma separated list of thermometers which are presented on the WEB-page. 
-===== Actions ===== 
-==== See also ==== 
-[[:​start|NetHomeServer]],​ [[JettyWEB]],​ [[UPMThermometer]] 

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