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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The UPMWindSpeed item presents information from the UPM weather station sensors. The weather station sensors sends the measured values as radio message, so the UPMWindSpeed requires an RF receiver and an interface port which can receive UPM-messages from a receiver, for example an AudioProtocolReceiver. An example on a suitable RF receiver is described in the page Modifying UPM Base unit. Note that the weather station itself is not really needed, only the sensor in question.


  • WindSpeed [get] Current measured wind speed in m/s
  • WindSpeedMean [get] mean wind speed for the last 10 minutes in m/s
  • WindSpeedGust [get] maximum wind speed over last 10 minutes in m/s
  • BatteryStatus [get] “Ok” or “Low Battery”
  • LogFile [get] [set] File name of file to log values in
  • LastUpdate [get] Time of latest received update


Fredric Moestedt

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