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 CUL Radio Transceiver

NetHomeServer CUL Connection

CUL 433 is a generic radio transceiver with a CPU and a radio transceiver circuit, which is manufactured and sold by The CUL device connects to a PC with an USB-connection. The 433MHz band is used by a lot of remote switches and wireless thermometer, so with a radio transmitter on this band a lot of devices can be controlled.

The CUL 433 device requires firmware (for the on board ATMega32U4 processor). There is a separate NetHome project for firmware for this device and this is available as open source (GPL2). The firmware is a generic puls sender/pulse receiver without any internal decoders. The decoders/encoders are in the NetHomeServer, and the CUL-device is used to send the encoded messages and to receive the raw pulse trains to be decoded in the NetHomeServer.

NetHomeServer interfaces with the CUL transceiver via the CULTransceiver-Item and via the CUL device the Nexa and X10-devices can be controlled.

NetHomeServer Modules

The CUL-Related objects in the NetHomeServer are:


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