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The NetHomeServer is a software/hardware project for home automation. The core functionality of the home automation server is to integrate functions like lamp control, temperature measurements and control of audio and video equipment into one framework where it is possible to mix and match devices from different vendors and build features which integrate functions from all kind of units. The core is a server program which is easy to install and runs on Windows, Linux and MAC OSX (probably on many others as well).

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 Components The server itself is written as a set of loosley coupled modules which exposes an interface consisting of attributes and methods. The modules are connected to a common message bus where they can listen for events in the system and send events when something happens. Here you can see an index of the modules that are currently avaliable.


  • 2014-03-20 - NetHomeServer 2.0 is Released and is now open source! Read about all new features in the Relase Notes
  • 2014-03-20 - OpenNetHome have a new site: please check it out!

Supported Systems

NetHomeServer interfaces with a number of avaliable home control systems like:

CUL The CUL transceiver for generic control of radio based devices. Read more...

PowerMid The Power Mid remote control extender for generic control of IR devices. Read more...

FS20 The FS20 system for remote control of lamps and appliencies via radio. Read more...

Nexa The Nexa system (also sold as Chacon or Elro AB600) for remote control of lamps and appliencies via radio. Read more...

UPM The UPM thermometer system for wireless temerature sensors. Read more...

UPM Home built hardware for control of IR and Radio devices. Read more...

Compare Systems

The different systems have different prices and feature sets. See here for a comparison between the systems.

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