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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The AudioProtocolTransmitter receives protocol message events and transmits them as pulses on the specified audio channel. The following protocols are currently supported:

  • Nexa_Message
  • NexaL_Message
  • Deltronic_Message
  • X10_Message
  • Pronto_Message


  • SourceNumber [get] [set] The number of the audio channel to use as output
  • Source 0 [get]
  • Source 1 [get]
  • Source 2 [get]
  • Source 3 [get]
  • Source 4 [get]
  • Source 5 [get]
  • FlankSwing [get] [set] the output level [1 - 127].


  • PlayTestBeep Will transmitt a short square wave output of 2KHz for 0.8 seconds. This is used for test purposes.

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