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-{{ blank64.png |}} 
-====== Module Index ====== 
-The NetHomeServer is built by separate modules called Items. A typical Item would be a lamp. A lamp Item has functions (presented as buttons in the WEB) for things like //On//, //Off//, //Dim// and so on. The Items also has configuration fields called attributes. A typical attribute is the name of the Item or the House Code and Device Code of the X10 switch which controls the lamp. 
-The Items are browsed, created and deleted via the WEB-GUI, andthis is the way NetHomeServer is configured. 
-This is a list of the Items currently avaliable for the [[NetHomeServer]]. All Items are not documented yet. 
-== X10 System == 
-  * **[[X10Lamp]]** Controls a dimmer or a switch 
-  * **[[X10Port]]** Controls the connection with the X10-Interface unit to the PC 
-  * **[[X10RemapButton]]** Lets you control other Items with a X10-switch 
-^Module ^ Description ^ 
-|[[Scene]]| Executes a set of commands to for example set up a scene of light in a room| 
-|[[AudioProtocolParser]]| General protocol receiver using the microphone input| 
-|[[DebugManager]]| | 
-|[[FHZ1000PcPort]]| Connects to a [[FHZ1000Pc]] for control of lamps | 
-|[[FS20Lamp]]| Controls an FS20 dimmer or switch | 
-|[[FS20RemapButton]]| Control any connected device via an FS20 button | 
-|[[LMSensorsThermometer]]| Thermometer using the Linux "sensors"-command | 
-|[[GateKeeper]]| | 
-|[[HKCDRemote]]| | 
-|[[HouseWEB]]| | 
-|[[IrRemote]]| | 
-|[[JVCUX1500RRemote]]| | 
-|[[LampMediaHandler]]| | 
-|[[LampTimer]]| | 
-|[[MBMThermometer]]| | 
-|[[PhilipsTVRemote]]| | 
-|[[PioneerRemote]]| | 
-|[[SlimRemote]]| | 
-|[[SNAPPort]]| | 
-|[[SoapService]]| | 
-|[[TCPCommandPort]]| Allows Telnet (TCP/IP)-access to the server modules| 
-|[[TCPListener]]| | 
-|[[IntervalTimer]]| Performs a command after a specified time. | 
-|[[TUIOPort]]| | 
-|[[UDPCommandPort]]| UDP/IP-access to the server modules| 
-|[[UDPListener]]| | 
-|[[UPMHygrometer]]| | 
-|[[UPMThermometer]]| | 
-|[[ValueAlarm]]| | 
-|[[ValueLogger]]| | 
-|[[WAPService]]| | 
-|[[WeekTimer]]| Periodic weekly timer| 
-|[[X10Lamp]]| | 
-|[[X10Port]]| | 

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