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Nexa devices

NetHomeServer Nexa Connection

Nexa is a radio based system for remote control of switches and dimmers. It also includes PIR-detectors, magnet switches for windows and other detectors which work as remotes and can control the switches.

Nexa has two addressing systems, one old where devices are explicitly given a house code and device code and one newer “self learning” system where transmitters have unique addresses and the receivers “learn” the code of the sender which is controlling it. NetHomeServer supports both variants, which in reality are two entirely different protocols.

The Nexa system have no native computer interface. It does however use the standard 443MHz radio band (in Europe), which makes it possible to use the generic 443MHz receiver and sender of the NetHomeServer to send and receive commands to and from Nexa devices.

This means that NetHomeServer interfaces with the FS20-system via the AudioProtocolParser and the AudioProtocolTransmitter interface modules. Currently you will have to build the hardware for the actual transmitters and receivers yourself, but it is quite easy done by modifying existing products.

The NetHomeServer can act in several roles with the Nexa-system:

  • Remote control of devices - you can switch on and off lamps via the WEB-interfaces
  • Interface module - via the NetHomeServers interfaces (TCP/IP, SOAP UDP/IP) you can let other software control the lamps
  • Home automation - via NetHomeServer:s timers and other control objects you can automate and link events to actions on Nexa-controlled appliances.
  • Home integration - let Nexa wall switches and PIR-detectors control other actions or remote systems via the NetHomeServer

NetHomeServer Modules

The Nexa-Related objects in the NetHomeServer are:

  • NexaLamp Controls a dimmer or a switch
  • NexaRemapButton Lets you control other Items with a Nexa remote control
  • NexaLCLamp Controls a dimmer or a switch using the Learning Code protocol
  • AudioProtocolParser General protocol receiver using the microphone input, used to receive Nexa radio signals
  • AudioProtocolTransmitter General protocol transmitter using the audio output of the PC to send RF-signal and control Nexa switches.

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