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-{{ ::ng_rooms.png?400 |}} +====== Rooms page ====== 
-{{ ::ng_edit.png?400 |}} +The rooms page is the main part of the GUI. Here you can organize the Home Items in Rooms. You see the main state of each Item and can access the actions of them, for example the //on//, //off// or //toggle// actions on a lamp. 
-{{ ::ng_all.png?400 |}} +{{ ::ng_rooms.png?500 |}} 
-{{ ::ng_room.png?400 |}}+From this page you can also add new Items (or rooms) via the add-links. 
 +====== Item Edit page ====== 
 +By clicking on the name of an Item in the Rooms page, you enter the edit page of the selected Item. Here you can configure the Item, call all of its actions, rename it, move it to another room or delete it. 
 +{{ ::ng_edit.png?500 |}} 
 +====== All Items page ====== 
 +In the All Items page, you can browse all Items in the system by category. This is useful, since you may not want to place all Items in rooms visible in the Rooms page. 
 +{{ ::ng_all.png?500 |}} 
 +====== Edit rooms ====== 
 +The rooms the selves are also Home Items, where you for example can edit which Items are in that room. 
 +{{ ::ng_room.png?500 |}}

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