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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The DebugManager is used to control the level of information that is sent to the log file. NetHomeServer logs errors and general information into a set of two log files called HomeManager0.log and HomeManager1.log. When the size of one file exceeds 1Mb logging starts over in the other file. This way the total log file size cannot exceed 2Mb.

The DebugManager controls the level of detail in the log in the following levels:

  • SEVERE Serious errors
  • WARNING Failures in individual Items
  • INFO General information
  • CONFIG Configuration changes
  • FINE Events distributed by the broker and actions called between Items
  • FINER Detailed logging inside Items
  • FINEST Even more detailed logging inside Items

The default setting is INFO on system level, which means that information on levels: SEVERE,WARNING and INFO are logged.

To change the debug level on the entire NetHomeServer, leave the LoggerContext attribute blank, set the wanted debug level (apply that change) and then activate the ApplyLogLevel-action.


  • LoggerContext [get] [set]
  • ActualLogLevel [get]
  • WantedLogLevel [get] [set]


  • ApplyLogLevel

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