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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The IkeaColorTemperatureLamp controls an IKEA Trådfri LED-lamp with variable colour temperature. An IkeaGateway is required to connect to the lamp.


  • State [get] If the lamp is on or off
  • Identity [get] [set] The identity of the lamp, this is set by the Trådfri Gateway
  • LampModel [get] [init] Model name of the lamp
  • Version [get] [init] Firmware version in the lamp
  • Brightness [get] Current brightness set in the lamp
  • OnBrightness [get] [set] Brightness from 0 to 100. If left empty, the lamps current brightness is not modified.
  • ColorTemperature [get] [set] Color temperature from 0 to 100, where 0 is coldest. If left empty, the lamps current color temperature is not modified.
  • DimLevel1 [get] [set] Preset dim level 1. Brightness from 0 to 100, optionally combined with color temperature separated by a colon. For example 50:10 meaning brighness 50% and color temperature 10%
  • DimLevel2 [get] [set] See above
  • DimLevel3 [get] [set] See above
  • DimLevel4 [get] [set] See above
  • DimStep [get] [set] How much the OnBrighness is changed for each Dim/Bright call
  • WarmDin [get] [set] If set to true, the color temperature is automatically adjusted with brightness of the lamp, so the light turns warmer as the brightness setting is lower, to simulate the warmer light of dimmed incandescent bulbs. The feature requires that a base ColorTemperature is set.


  • toggle Toggle on/off-state of the lamp
  • on Turn lamp on
  • off Turn lamp off
  • bright Make the lamp one step brighter
  • dim Make the lamp one step more dimmed
  • dim1 Dim the lamp to preset DimLevel 1
  • dim2 Dim the lamp to preset DimLevel 1
  • dim3 Dim the lamp to preset DimLevel 1
  • dim4 Dim the lamp to preset DimLevel 1

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