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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The NexaLCDimmer handles RF remote controlled dimmers branded Nexa with the learning code address scheme. See Nexa System for details. The same switches are branded under a lot of different names on different markets.

The NexaLCDimmer supports dimming to an absolute dim level.


  • State [get] On/Off
  • Address [get] [set] The unique address that the dimmer is programmed for (0 - 67108863)
  • Button [get] [set] The button number the dimmer responds to (1 - 33)
  • OnDimLevel [get] [set] Which dim level (1-100) the dimmer should have when turned on. Leave empty to leave as last set in the dimmer.
  • DimLevel1 [get] [set] Pre-set dim level 1 (1-100)
  • DimLevel2 [get] [set] Pre-set dim level 2 (1-100)
  • DimLevel3 [get] [set] Pre-set dim level 3 (1-100)
  • DimLevel4 [get] [set] Pre-set dim level 4 (1-100)
  • TransmissionRepeats [get] [set] Number of times the RF signal should be repeated when sent. Empty uses a default value.


  • toggle Toggle on/off state
  • on Turn dimmer on
  • off Turn dimmer off
  • dim1 Dim to pre-set dim level 1
  • dim2 Dim to pre-set dim level 2
  • dim3 Dim to pre-set dim level 3
  • dim4 Dim to pre-set dim level 4

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