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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The Tellstick Item represents a TellstickDuo RF Transceiver which is used to send and receive messages over the 433MHz band. This band is used (in Europe) for simple remote switches and wireless sensors like thermometers, humidity sensors and wind gauges. The Tellstick firmware has built in support for a number of protocols, but OpenNetHome uses it in a raw transmission mode, where the OpenNetHome protocol encoders can be used. This means that all protocols supported by OpenNetHome are supported for transmission via Tellstick. For reception however, the Tellstick firmware has to be used, so only protocols supported by Tellstick are supported.

If OpenNetHome is installed on a RaspberryPi, the installation script will automatically have installed drivers needed to connect via the USB-Port. For any other installation you will have to install the drivers manually. Instructions can be found here:


  • State [get] Current connection state
  • ReceivedProtocols [get] [set] List of received protocols
  • TransmittedProtocols [get] [set] List of transmitted protocols
  • PortName [get] [set] Name of USB-Serial port Tellstick is connected to
  • FirmwareVersion [get]
  • ReceivedMessages [get] Number of messages received
  • SentMessages [get] Number of messages transmitted


  • reconnect Attempt to reconnect to the serial port

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