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For Users

For the user of the Home Automation Servers, NetHomeServer offers:

  • Control of lamps, coffee makers and other appliances with support for devices from multiple vendors.
  • Receive messages from wireless PIR-detectors, wirless wall switches and map to any action within the server (light control, start programs and so on)
  • Access to wireless thermometers with logging.
  • Easy to use WEB GUI for configuration
  • Configurable WEB-GUI adapted for mobile phones for controlling lamps and viewing thermometers.
  • WEB-GUI for thermometer monitoring

Without having to write any code or cryptic xml-configuration files, you can connect events to actions, like when someone enters a room, a lamp is lit and then slowly dimmed and finally turned off.

No installation is needed for NetHomeServer, just unzip the server wehere you want it, and start it, no configuration is needed for initial start. WEB-server is embedded (jetty). The server works on both Linux and Windows.

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