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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The GenericThermometer is a Thermometer Item designed for integration with home made sensors. There is no Item generating the actual sensor data, instead this must be updated by some external script or program sending events with sensor data to the Item.

This is typically done by a script or program connection to a TCPCommandPort and sending an event with sensor data update. The command to send to the port would be:


Where [address] would be the address specified in the GenericThermometer-Item and [value] would be the new thermometer value. The address is an arbitrary string that you self choose to identify the thermometer item from the external script.

An example of a shell script sending such an event would be:

echo 'event,Temperature_Message,Address,1,Value,230' | nc -u -w 0 8005

Note that the sent value is multiplied but the “K” attribute and added to the “M” attribute of the item to form the presented value. The default value for K is 0.1 so in the above example the presented value would be 23 degrees.


  • Temperature [get] The current thermometer value
  • BatteryLevel [get] Current battery level
  • TimeSinceUpdate [get] Time since the Item was last updated with a new value
  • Address [get] [set] The address identifying the thermometer to the external script or program
  • LogFile [get] [set] Logfile for graph data
  • LastUpdate [get] Time the Item was last updated with a new value
  • K [get] [set] Value that the raw sensor value is multiplied with to get the presented value
  • M [get] [set] Value that the raw sensor value is added to, to get the presented value

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