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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The HueLamp-Item represents a Philips Hue remote controlled LED-lamp.

To use this Item you must first have created and configured a HueBridge-Item.

The colour of the lamp can be configured in two ways:

  • Color temperature
  • Hue,Saturation

If you just specify one vale (153-500), it will be interpreted as mired color temperature.


  • State [get] Current state of the lamp (On/Off)
  • Identity [get] [set] The Identity of the lamp. Usually set via the auto configure function.
  • LampModel [get] [init] Lamp model
  • Type [get] [init] Lamp type
  • Version [get] [init] Version of firmware in the lamp
  • Brightness [get] Current brightness of the lamp (0-100)
  • OnBrightness [get] [set] Brightness of the lamp when switched on.
  • Color [get] [set] Color of the lamp (see above)
  • DimLevel1 [get] [set]
  • DimLevel2 [get] [set]
  • DimLevel3 [get] [set]
  • DimLevel4 [get] [set]


  • toggle
  • on
  • off
  • bright
  • dim
  • dim1
  • dim2
  • dim3
  • dim4

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