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 CUL USB-Stick

Install CUL USB-drivers

To be able to use CUL on Windows, you must install the USB drivers. Windows start this process automatically the first time you plug in the CUL-stick. All you have to do is to is to point out the driver supplied with NetHomeCUL - it is located in the NetHomeCUL\drivers-directory.

Here is a step by step instruction for how this is done:

1. Plug in the CUL-stick

2. Select Driver

Windows will detect the new hardware and display the following requester:

New Hardware

  • Select “No, not this time” and press Next

Windows will now ask you how to find the drivers:


  • Select “Install from a list or specific location” and press Next
  • On the next page, select to browse to a specific location and browse to the NetHomeCUL\drivers-directory.
  • Press Next

Windows will now install the USB Serial drivers needed for CUL to work.

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