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NetHome Server Download Page

As described in the Current Project State-page this software is not really in a product state. I have been using it in my home for a while in different configurations with both X10, FS20 and Nexa first on a Windows 2000-server and currently on a Ubuntu Linux server. There is also a small community of other users who use various parts of the system. If you like you can download it and try it out.


This program is free to use for private non commercial use. It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The CUL firmware is open source under GPLv2.

Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure you have Java Runtime installed. You probably have it, otherwise you can download it from
  2. Download the latest NetHomeServer-zip
  3. Unpack the zip
  4. For Linux and OSX, make the start script runable by typing: chmod +x
  5. For OSX, make the start script runable by typing: chmod +x

Installation is done! (If you are using FS20 on Linux, for the first time, you need a little more to get the FS20 USB-driver to work)

Run instructions

  1. Run the start script (HomeManager.bat for windows, for Linux and for MAC OSX)

Start and initial configuration is done!

  1. Start your FireFox (or favorite browser) and go to This is the main browser. You will see some example objects in the default configuration.
  2. Go to to see the thermometer GUI


NetHomeServer Nightly Build

The nightly build is an automatically built release of the current state of the main trunk. It contains all the latest features, but may also be unstable. I have been really lazy with making releases lately, if you want to try NetHome, use the nightly build

Name File Size Test Report
NetHomeServer Nightly Build 7MB Test Report

NetHomeServer 0.10

NameFileSizeRelease NotesReleased
NetHomeServer 0.10 Build 1461nethomeserver_0.10_1461.zip16.3MBRelease Notes NetHomeServer 0.102012-04-29

NetHomeServer 0.9

NameFileSizeRelease NotesReleased
NetHomeServer 0.9 Build 1130nethomeserver_0.9_1130.zip9.5MBRelease Notes NetHomeServer 0.92010-08-01
NetHomeCUL build 1130nethomecul_1130.zip240KBRelease Notes NetHomeServer 0.92010-08-01

NetHomeServer 0.8

NameFileSizeRelease Notes
NetHomeServer Build 844nethomeserver_844.zip7MB Release Note
NetHomeServer Build 826nethomeserver_826.zip7MB Release Note
NetHomeServer Build 822nethomeserver_822.zip7MB

NetHome Devkit

CUL V3 Firmware

A new release of the CUL hardware (V3) has been released, where the current firmware does not work. I have not yet got a new version and cannot build and test for V3 yet. Fortunately Christian Aune Thomassen has built a V3 compatible version which is presented here:

NameFileSizeRelease Notes
NetHome CUL V3 Firmware 0.1 Build 1130 240KB
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