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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The TeamCityBuildMonitor monitors a number of build tasks in a TeamCity intergation server and can perform actions based on the result of the builds. If all builds succeeds the SuccessAction is invoked (for each check). If any of the builds has faild, the FailAction is invoked. The Item uses TeamCity's REST-interface to check on the builds. If the Item fails to contact the TeamCity-server the InconclusiveAction is invoked.

TeamCityBuildMonitor checks the build status once a minute as long as it is activated. When the Item is inactivated, the automatic checks are not performed.


  • LatestResult [get] Result from latest build check
  • Status [get] [init] Current status of the Item (Active, Deactivated)
  • restURL [get] [set] The URL to the TeamCity REST interface
  • Builds [get] [set] List of build identities to monitor (for example: bt1385,bt1280,bt950)
  • Username [get] [set] Username for authentication
  • Password [get] [set] Password for authentication
  • SuccessAction [get] [set] Action to be performed when all builds succeds
  • FailAction [get] [set] Action to be performed when any build fails
  • InconclusiveAction [get] [set] Action to be performed if the TeamCity server cannot be reached


  • CheckNow Check the build status now
  • Activate Start the automatic build checks
  • Deactivate Stop the automatic build checks

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