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Auriel Transceiver

This transceiver (combined transmitter and receiver) built by Walter Krämbring uses an Auriel devices for transmission and reception. This device packs a bit more power than the other, as he uses a voltage converter to get 12V to power the transmitter. As in his transmitter, Walter skips the op-amp entirely in his design and uses a single transistor to amplify the audio signal. I am not sure that I understand how this connection actually works. I have a suspicion that it is dependent on the characteristics of the USB sound card he is using, so I recommend some experimenting with this circuit before you commit it to soldering.

The Circuit diagram is like this:


The transmitter device used is made by Auriel and called TX-SAW433/s-Z. It is available from many suppliers, but Walter recommends, where the device costs 3.28 EUR. The receiver is also an Auriel called RX-4M50RR30SF and costs 5.93 EUR.


Here is a closeup of the circuit board:


As with his other devices, Walter has built in an USB sound card, so the resulting device is a USB connected universal 433MHz transceiver. In this design, the combined consumption of the receiver and high power transmitter was too much for an USB-connection, so he had to use an external power supply.

The whole design is packaged in a neat box with the transmitter and receiver antennas on top:


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