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Release Notes ProtocolAnalyzer 1.1

This is version 1.1 of the ProtocolAnalyzer. Main news in this release are:

  • Updated look with new icons
  • Support for MAC OS X!
  • Pulse distribution view, which displays the number of pulses as a function of pulse length in the raw pulse view
  • “Auto Flank Holdoff”, Flank Holdoff can be set to 1.
  • Pulse re-anayzing - a raw signal can be re-analyzed with new decoder settings
  • Pause/Resume scanning
  • Remove scanned samples
  • Indication of selected pulse length group in raw pulse window
  • Checksum decoding in UPM protocol
  • Improved pulse tolerance in NexaL protocol
  • Support for the CUL USB-stick with CUL firmware (still a bit unstable)
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