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The NetHomeServer is built by separate modules called Items. A typical Item would be a lamp. A lamp Item has functions (presented as buttons in the WEB) for things like On, Off, Dim and so on. The Items also has configuration fields called attributes. A typical attribute is the name of the Item or the House Code and Device Code of the X10 switch which controls the lamp.

The Items are browsed, created and deleted via the WEB-GUI, and this is the way NetHomeServer is configured.

This is a list of some of the Items currently available for the NetHomeServer. All Items are not documented yet.

Pronto Codes

X10 System

  • X10Lamp Controls a dimmer or a switch
  • X10RemapButton Lets you control other Items with a X10-switch
  • X10HouseScene Controls the AllOn, AllOff functions for a HouseCode
  • X10Port Controls the connection with the X10-Interface unit to the PC

FS20 System

Nexa System

  • NexaLamp Controls a dimmer or a switch
  • NexaRemapButton Lets you control other Items with a Nexa-switch
  • AudioProtocolParser General protocol receiver using the microphone input, used to receive Nexa radio signals
  • AudioProtocolTransmitter General protocol transmitter using the audio output of the PC to send RF-signal and control Nexa switches
  • CULTransceiver RF Transmitter which can send Nexa commands

Deltronic System

IP Ports

  • TCPListener Receives TCP-Messages
  • TCPCommandPort Allows Telnet (TCP/IP)-access to the Items and their actions
  • UDPListener Receives UDP-Messages
  • UDPCommandPort Allows UDP-access to the Items and their actions
  • SoapService Allows SOAP-access to the Items and their actions
  • GateKeeper Listens for IP-messages and activates functions for a specified time
  • TCPProxy Receives TCP-Messages and resends them to another address


  • IntervalTimer Starts an action for a specified time and then stops it
  • WeekTimer Starts and stops actions on a week schedule





  • Room Organizes Items in rooms * Scene Executes a set of commands to for example set up a scene of light in a room * ValueLogger Logs the values of an item to a file * SlimRemote Controls a Slim Server (a music player) * ValueAlarm Generates an alarm when a value exceeds a specified limit TellstickDuo
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