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Release Notes ProtocolAnalyzer 1.0 (841)

Pronto Support

Received signals can now be presented in the Pronto-format. This is useful when scanning remotes for use with generic IR-senders. It can also be used with the new Pronto-support in the NetHomeServer. Three new configuration settings are added for the pronto support:

  • Frequency - Modulation frequency to use in the Pronto format. ProtocolAnalyzer cannot detect the actual frequency from the input signal.
  • Lead Out Time - The minimum time (in uS) to use to detect the space between signal bursts. If the protocol beeing scanned has very long bit bursts, this may have to be increased.
  • Burst Length Compensation - Most IR-detectors have a small delay when detecting the start of a burst. This gives the effect that mark bursts appear shorter then they are and spaces between appear longer. The delay is normally around 50uS (2 cycles of the modulation frequency). This parameter is used to compensate for this effect.
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