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Protocol Analyzer

These are screen shots from the Protocol Analyzer-tool which is a tool designed for analyzing and decoding slow pulse based protocols.

Main Window

This is the main window with a JVC-protocol messages received, and the corresponding raw samples.

Analyzer main window

Raw Samples

This is the raw sample screen from the listing above with the flank detectors interpretation and pulse length statistics. Raw sample screen

Decoded Samples

When a message is decoded by a protocol parser, the real protocol parameters is presented when the line is selected. Here is an example of the Pronto-interpretation of a received message:

 Pronto version of a Nexa message


This is the settings dialog, where the pulse analyzer is configured:

 Settings Dialog

Decoder configuration

It is possible to configure which protocol decoders should be active. Any number of decoders may be active simultaneously, but since some of them overlap, it is often useful to exclude some of the decoders.

 Decoder configuration dialog

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