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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The AudioProtocolParser is one of the core Items in NetHomeServer. It allows you to connect an IR-receiver or a digital radio receiver to the microphone input and decode the signals. Examples of how to build such receivers can be found here.

This Item receives the data from the audio input, and recreates a digital signal. This digital signal is then passed on to a list of protocol decoders which can decode the digital signal. The recreation of the digital signal may require some calibration of the settings to match the input signal. The principles for this is described here. Normally you would use the ProtocolAnalyzer-tool to find the correct settings for these parameters


  • Decoders [get] [set] List of protocol decoders to activate. Currently the following are avaliable: RC6,RC5,JVC,Pioneer,UPM,Nexa,NexaL,Deltronic,X10,Pronto,Waveman,RisingSun,NexaFire
  • SourceName [get] [set] The name of the audio input channel
  • Channel [get] [set] Which channel of the audio input to use: Left, Right or Mono. Normally Mono for a microphone input.
  • FlankSwing [get] [set] The size of the input signal, see description
  • FlankLength [get] [set] The length if the flanks, see description
  • FlankHoldoff [get] [set] Can be left at 1
  • UseFilter [get] [set] true or false. Set to true if the input signal is noisy.
  • Received [get] Counts how many messages has been received and decoded


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