Beta Test Page

This page is intended for invited people only. It contains early beta versions of NetHomeServer and Analyzer which may be untested and unstable.

New Daemon and installer

For Peter to look at

Tellstick drivers for signing

ProtocolAnalyzer 2.0 Beta Installer

ProtocolAnalyzer Installer

För Peter L att testa: ProtocolAnalyzer installer packages

ProtocolAnalyzer 1.1 Beta

This is version 1.1 of the ProtocolAnalyzer. Main news in this release are:

  • Support for the CUL USB-stick with CUL firmware
  • Updated look with new icons
  • Support for MAC OS X (this is still quite untested)
  • Pulse distribution view, which displays the number of pulses as a function of pulse length in the raw pulse view
  • Export of raw pulse data
  • “Auto Flank Holdoff”, Flank Holdoff can be set to 1.
  • Pulse re-anayzing - a raw signal can be re-analyzed with new decoder settings
  • Pause/Resume scanning
  • Remove scanned samples
  • Indication of selected pulse length group in raw pulse window
  • Checksum decoding in UPM protocol
  • Improved pulse tolerance in NexaL protocol

Build 1028->1075

  • Corrected crash when opening raw samples saved with older versions of program
  • Corrected sample frequency after pause on MAC


Older Version 975


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