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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The DeltronicRemapButton is used to let Deltronic remote controls control events in the NetHomeServer. You may for example let deltronic remote control start your WEB-radio player program. The DeltronicRemapButton allows you to map all messages that can be sent from a button to specific commands. A command may for example be to call the on-method of a lamp or an external shell file.

The HoldOffTime is used if the action (OnCommand or OffCommand) will use the same radio band as the remote. If for example the HoldOffTime is set to 200, the remap button will wait until 200mS has passed since a repeat from the remote control is seen. This removes the risk that the remap button tries to send an RF-command to a lamp switch for example while you still are pressing the remote control as the two signals would block each other. If the commands will not result in signalling on the same radio band, you can set it to 0.

The button supports disabling. When it is disabled it will not execute the commands when the buttons are pressed. This is useful in combination with timers.


  • State [get] If the remap button is enabled or disabled
  • Button [get] [set] Which button to respond to (A - D)
  • Address [get] [set] Address of the remote (0-63)
  • OnCommand [get] [set] Command to be executed when you press the on button
  • OffCommand [get] [set] Command to be executed when you press the off button
  • HoldOffTime [get] [set] Se above


  • on
  • off
  • enable
  • disable

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