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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The IntervalTimer performes a task after a specified time. During the time the timer is active it also performs a “tick”-task with a specified interval. Typically this is used to dim a lamp slowly and then finally turning it off.

At the start of the timer the StartCommand is executed and at the end of the time period the StopCommand is executed. A command may for example be to call the on-method of a lamp or an external shell file. The syntax of the command is described here. The supported commands are: set, call, event, exec.


  • Time [get] [set] The duration of the timer in minutes. Accepts fractions.
  • StartCommand [get] [set] Command to be executed at the start of a time period. Se above for syntax.
  • StopCommand [get] [set] Command to be executed at the end of a time period. Se above for syntax.
  • TickInterval [get] [set] Time interval at which the TickCommand is executed. Specified in minutes and accepts fractions.
  • TickCommand [get] [set] Command to be executed at the TickInterval. Se above for syntax.


  • StartTimer Starts the timer and calls the StartCommand.
  • StopTimer Cancels a running timer without calling the StopCommand.

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