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ProtocolAnalyzer Manual

Data Export

The ProtocolAnalyzer allows you to save sessions of signals via the file menu. These save files are binary representations of the session and cannot be used from other programs.

There are however other ways to save data from the received signals. One way is to save data from decoded messages via the “Export Data” function the other is to export the raw pulse data.

Export Data

The Export Data function is intended to be used when you have a protocol decoder that can decode your protocol and you want to sample a remote control and name the decoded signals with the name of the corresponding button of the remote. The way of working would be:

1. Press a button on the remote. The received signal is decoded and presented as a new row in the main window.
2. Double click on the decoded signal row. This opens the “Decoded Window” of that signal

3. Enter the name of the button you pressed and press “Save”
4. Repeat from the beginning until you have sampled all buttons you need.
5. Open the Export Template window and edit the template so the information you need is there. Then press “Save Template

6. Press the Export button (or the menu ”File→Export Data…”), select a file name and press “Save”
All the decoded signals are now saved in a text file according to the template.

Export Pulse Data

You can also export the raw pulse data from an undecoded signal. In the main window you right click on a raw sample line. On the context menu you select “Export Pulse Data”:

 Context Menu

Select a file name and press “Save”. This will save a text file containing the lengths of the pulses in the signal in the following format:


Each line consists of a letter, s or m, meaning “Space” or “Mark”. After the letter comes a figure which is the length of the pulse in micro seconds.

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