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UPM devices

NetHomeServer UPM Connection

UPM manufacurs wireless thermometers and weather stations. The temerature sensors communicate via a radio protocol with the base station, and each base station support up to four wireless sensors. The maximum distance between the sensors and the base station is around 20 meters, but it depends on if there are blocking objects in the signal path.

UPM does not supply any computer interface for their devices, but it is very easy to tap the signal from the radio receiver in the base unit and software decode the radio protocol. With only two resistors and two capacitors, you can connect the UPM base unit to the NetHomeServer and get access to four wireless temperature sensors (and optionally four humidity sensors).

You can present the temperature values in the NetHomeServer temperature WEB-interface, in the Phone WEB interface or connect alarm objects to the thermometers so actions can be taken if the temperature get over or under a specific value.

NetHomeServer Modules

The UPM-Related objects in the NetHomeServer are:

  • UPMThermometer - Receives temperature from a remote UPM sensor
  • UPMHygrometer - Receives moisture values from a remote UPM sensor
  • AudioProtocolParser - Receives and decodes the raw signal from the UPM base unit
  • TempWEB - Presents thermometer values and curves in a WEB interface

Adding the Interface

Some soldering is needed to add the interface. It is very easy, just follow the instructions described here. You can use the Protocol Analyzer Tool to test the interface before you use it in NetHomeServer. NetHomeServer decodes these fields of the UPM protocol.

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