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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The FS20Lamp is an interface to FS20 switch and dimmer devices. Via this object lamps or other devices connected to FS20 switches or dimmers may be controlled. The FS20Lamp needs a FHZ1000PcPort to transmit the commands.


  • State [get] Current state of the device: “On” or “Off”
  • HouseCode [get] [set] House code of corresponding device
  • DeviceCode [get] [set] Device code of corresponding device
  • FHZ1000PcPort [get] [set] FHZ1000PcPort to use to send the FS20 commands. This may be left blank, and in that case the message is sent by all FHZ1000PcPort-ports attached to the server.


  • on Turn the device on
  • off Turn the device off
  • bright Increase brightness of a dimmer device one step
  • dim Decrease brightness of a dimmer device one step
  • dim25 Set brighness to 25% for a dimmer device
  • dim50 Set brighness to 50% for a dimmer device
  • dim75 Set brighness to 75% for a dimmer device
  • dim100 Set brighness to 100% for a dimmer device
  • toggle Toggle On/Off-state. This is implemented by the devices themselves, so even if the FS20Lamp does not have the correct On/Off state, the actual device will toggle.
  • dimLoop Increase/Decrease brighness level one step (in a loop up and down)

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