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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The FHZ1000PcPort is used to communicate with a hardware device called FHZ1000Pc. The FHZ1000Pc gives access to the FS20 radio protocol which is used to control and monitor devices like dimmers, lamps, heating and switches.


The FHZ1000Pc is connected to the server via USB. The FHZ1000PcPort will send any received FS20 radio messages as FS20Event-events on the NetHomeServer event bus. Received FS20Command-events will be sent as FS20 radio messages. This module is build using the FHZ1000PC-class.


  • State [get] Connected or Disconnected, indicates if the port has found the hardware device.
  • ReceivedMessages [get] Number of FS20-messages that has been received.
  • SentMessages [get] Number of FS20-messages that has been received.


  • Reconnect If the port did not connect to the device at startup, it is possible to initiate a new attempt via this action.


  • Receives FS20Command(HouseCode, DeviceCode, Value) Will send the received command to the specified address. All parameters are in integer format, not the FS20 1-4-Format.
  • Emits FS20Event(HouseCode, DeviceCode, Value) This event is emitted when an FS20 command is received from the FHZ1000Pc.

The values in the events are FS20-commands which are the following:

Value Command
0 Off
1-16 Dim to abs. position
17 On
18 Dim Loop
19 Dim down
20 Dim up
21 Flip On/Off

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