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This module is a part of the NetHomeServer. The ProntoLamp is when you have a device (for example a radio controlled switch) which is not yet supported by NetHomeServer, but you have the Pronto-codes for the radio signals. Both the AudioProtocolTransmitter and the CULTransceiver supports sending Pronto codes, so this way you may control new devices.

Pronto-codes may be found on the net, but may also be found using the Protocol Analyzer if you have a compatible radio/IR receiver.

the CULTransceiver you can also send the messages as IR if you have a PowerMid


  • State [get] Current state of the device (On/Off)
  • OnCode [get] [set] The Pronto code to turn the device on
  • OffCode [get] [set] The Pronto code to turn the device off
  • Repeat [get] [set] Number of repeats of the code to send
  • UseModulation [get] [set] The Pronto code contains information about the modulation frequency. If the message shall be sent as IR, this should be set to true.


  • on Turn the device on, which means sending the OnCode
  • off Turn the device off, which means sending the OffCode
  • toggle Toggle current state and send OnCode or OffCode

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