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Protocol Analyzer Download Page

Since this software has not been formally tested or alpha-tested by many other users yet, there may still be some dark corners which does not work to 100% yet, but you are free to download it and try it out.


This program is since version 2.0 open source and released under Gnu Public License 3.0

Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure you have Java Runtime installed. You probably have it, otherwise you can download it from
  2. Just run the installer! :-)

For the bundle without installer:

  1. Unpack the zip
  2. For Linux and OSX, make the start script runable by typing: chmod +x

Installation is done!

Run instructions

  1. Run the start script (analyzer.bat for windows, for Linux)


NameBundleGeneric InstallerWindows InstallerSizeRelease Notes
ProtocolAnalyzer 2.0 analyzer-distribution20.zipjar installerexe installer14MB Release Notes
ProtocolAnalyzer 1.1 Build 1075,2MB Release Notes
ProtocolAnalyzer 1.0 Build 841,2MB Release Notes
ProtocolAnalyzer Build 828,2MB

Nightly Build

This bundle is built automatically every night from the current state of the trunk. I contains all the latest changes, but may also be unstable. Nightly Build

CUL Firmware

NameFileSizeRelease Notes
NetHome CUL Firmware 0.1 Build 1028 nethomecul_0.1_1028.zip230KB Release Notes

CUL V3 Firmware

A new release of the CUL hardware (V3) has been released, where the current firmware does not work. I have not yet got a new version and cannot build and test for V3 yet. Fortunately Christian Aune Thomassen has built a V3 compatible version which is presented here:

NameFileSizeRelease Notes
NetHome CUL V3 Firmware 0.1 Build 1130 230KB
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